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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.  Does HotShots ask parents to sell raffle tickets or work in food booths?

A.  No!   HotShots doesn't expect parents to pay the program fee, then ask them to sell raffle tickets, work in food booths or even find sponsors.  Everything is included in the fee (including the team shirt).


Q.  Where does HotShots find coaches?

A.  Most of HotShots coaches are parents of a player.  As with any youth sport, we're dependent on parent volunteers. (Obviously, if we had to hire and pay coaches, the sports fee would be unreasonably high).   Coaches are usually in short supply, so HotShots encourages parents to step up, either in helping us secure a coach, or possibly coaching themselves.   HotShots works to make the experience as painless as possible!   Actually, coaches continue to say how much fun they've had -  and most return year after year. Note: All HotShots head coaches are screened through the Washington State Patrol background check.

To volunteer as a coach - CLICK HERE


Q.  May a coach bring a pre-formed team into HotShots?

A.  Yes.  One note: HotShots fills teams to 10 players  - so if a team has less than 10, they have three choices.  Either recruit additional players of their choice, HotShots can place players, or the team may "buy out" the remaining spots.  We strive to keep the league fee as low as possible, but we factor our expenses based on teams of 10.  If a team is interested in playing with less than 10 players, contact the league office to work out details.


Q.  I've made a request for a particular coach or buddy.   Will the request be granted?

A.  HotShots attempts to grant every request we receive.  There are instances however when it's impossible to honor every one, which is why we cannot "guarantee" requests.   For example, if more children than the team limit all request the same coach.  In that case, preference goes to the coach's child, plus any players returning from the previous year (as long as they've registered before the registration deadline).  Returning players registering late risk losing their spot to new players.

Please note:  Refunds are not allowed because of unfulfilled requests, or after the refund deadline.  As a general rule though, the vast majority of requests are able to be granted.


Q.  What happens if I didn't specify a request?

A.  Many registrations have no requests, so you're not alone.  HotShots policy is to create teams based on the school attended by your child, so your child should know many of his/her teammates.  In the event there are too few players from your home school to form a complete team, we'll combine those players with players from another nearby school, still attempting to keep the team in your home area, if possible.   Some schools have such a good turnout, that they may have 2 or more teams in any particular age.


Q.  Are parents allowed at practices?

A.  Definitely!   In fact, family members are encouraged to attend and observe.  It's important however to mention that this time is for the coach and players only.  Only players properly registered for that team should be on the court, and caution should be used not to distract the players.  It's also important that players arrive on time, and if you must leave, that you pick up your child promptly at the end of scheduled practice.


Q.  Other than the registration fee, what other expenses can I expect?

A.  There are no other "mandatory" expenses for this league.  The team shirt (required at all games) is included in the fee.  Optional expenses could be:
                                                                 * your child's own basketball (see game rules 
for ball size information)
                                                                 * team photo (prices range from $10 and up)
                                                                 * individual trophy

HotShots encourages all teams to schedule a team picture (HotShots provides photo sessions).   Please speak to your coach if the cost of a team photo is a hardship.  We have a limited ability to help.  Also, if you decide not to purchase a team photo, please consider having your child come take the picture with the rest of the team anyway.   After all, your child is a valued member of the team … and the team photo will not be complete without him/her.


Q.  How can I support my coach, team and league?

A.  Thank you for asking!  You can support your coach by offering assistance at practices, becoming a team manager (scheduling "after game treats", phone lists, etc) and being prompt with drop off and pick up for practices and games.  You can assist the league by helping us secure a coach (if necessary), by helping to keep practice and game gyms clean, and teaching RESPECT for others.   Let's set the example for our children and keep the league atmosphere FUN!


HotShots Youth Sports thanks the good people at Land O'Frost, Inc. for their generous sponsorship of our sports program! We're proud to be associated with Land O'Frost and we like to show our appreciation by placing their logo on our 1st - 4th grade game shirts. 

THANK YOU, Land O'Frost!

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